PORF Announces the Daniel J. Manella, Jr. Research Grant

Pediatric Oncofertility Research Foundation


The Daniel J. Manella, Jr.  Research Grant


The Pediatric Oncofertility Research Foundation (PORF) is requesting proposals for its first $10,000 Research Grant.  The Daniel J. Manella, Jr. Research Grant will be awarded to a researcher who is searching for ways to best use cryo-preserved ovarian, or testicular tissue from pre-pubertal children.  The recent report of a child born as a result of cryo-preserved ovarian tissue gives great hope to patients and parents of pediatric cancer patients.  However, research is far from complete.  Such research questions as:  when is the best time to replant preserved tissue; what is the most efficient and efficacious way to replant preserved tissue; can preserved tissue be implanted to maintain hormone levels into adulthood, will require further study.  Also, ways to remove cancer cells from preserved ovarian and testicular tissue will be required before cryo-preservation becomes a widespread solution to hormone and fertility preservation in all children with cancer.

Application requirements for the Daniel J. Manella, Jr. Research Grant are posted on  Grant applications must be received by March 1, 2017.  Awards will be announced on March 10, 2017.

While the Daniel J. Manella, Jr. Research Grant will be the first to be awarded by PORF in March, another grant will be announced shortly thereafter.  Applicants for the Daniel J. Manella, Jr.  Grant will also be eligible for the second grant to be awarded in early summer, 2017.

PORF is grateful to the many individuals who have made these research grants possible.  No donation amount is too small to make a difference.  Be assured that all PORF administrative costs are borne by the founding family.  Every dollar donated to PORF by non-family members goes entirely to research.