PORF has a major commitment to funding pediatric Oncofertility research.  While a solid research foundation has been established, significant research questions must be addressed to move pediatric Oncofertility from research study to standard of care.

Every dollar contributed to PORF goes directly to research.

All administrative costs, such as paper, stamps, and staff, will be covered by the founding family.  Also, all costs for building and maintaining the website will be the responsibility of the founding family.

PORF is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity.  Each donor will receive a statement of contributions in January of the year following their donation.

Funding Options

  • Credit Card: Donations made by credit card will be processed via PayPal.
  • Mail
    • Donations can be sent by check made to PORF
    • Please mail to: PORF
      1000 North East Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60302

Research Funds Contributed:     $21,000