PORF Appoints Social Media Director

PORF is happy to introduce Cole Knutsen, Director of Social Media.  Cole currently works as a Custom Installer for Halo Home Technology, Inc., based in Libertyville, IL.  In addition to his expertise in all things media, Cole is an avid sports enthusiast.  He recently traveled to Hungary to coach Little League Baseball.

Currently, Cole can be reached at

Cole appreciates feedback about the presence of PORF in social media.  Please do not hesitate to contact him….


PORF Appoints Social Media Director

PORF is pleased to introduce Cole Knutsen, Director of Social Media for PORF.  Cole currently resides in Gurnee, IL and works as a Custom Installer for Halo Home Technology, Inc. based in Libertyville, IL.  In addition to his expertise in all things technical, Cole has a passion for sports.  Most recently, he traveled to Hungary to coach Little League Baseball.  We are excited to expand the PORF presence through social media.

Cole is always anxious to hear your reaction to the PORF social media presence.

Currently, he can be reached at

From Hope to Responsibility: Hormone/Fertility Preservation for All Children Treated for Cancer

The attached video was presented at the opening meeting of the International Oncofertility Consortium Conference at Northwestern University, Chicago.  This video speaks to the critical role hormone/fertility preservation plays in the quality of life for children treated for cancer.  Dr. Woodruff’s powerful statement about the availability of hormone/fertility options for all individuals treated for cancer could not have been made ten years ago.  Hormone/fertility preservation for cancer survivors is no longer simply a “hope.”  It is a reality.  For this reason, PORF strongly believes that a fertility consultation must be the standard of care for all children diagnosed with cancer, regardless of age.

Blog 2.1: Chemotherapy and Hydration

As parents of children treated for cancer know well, side effects can be difficult.  Sometimes, these persist long after treatment has concluded.  We have found that hydration is particularly important for some children who have received chemotherapy.  Persistent tummy pain can be indicative of dehydration, even in the absence of other symptoms.  By being attentive to fluid intake, children with tummy pain may see an improvement in very short order.

Obviously, this is not a scientific study.  However, parent observation is sufficient to be published in this humble blog.  Similar to the discovery that food during treatment sometimes tastes better with plastic spoon and fork, when we come upon little tricks and observations, we will post them.

If you have made observations that you believe would help others, please pass them along to  We will be happy to share them.

Blog 1.1: Cancer Treatment and the Holidays

5 tips to make the holidays a bit more palatable for children being treated for cancer

Three years ago this holiday season, our three-year-old granddaughter was in the middle of treatment for cancer.  While our family handled holiday celebrations as best we could, it was a time of increased stress.  If the challenges of treatment weren’t enough, the demands of the holiday created even more opportunities for things to fall apart.

This blog post is meant as a gesture of hope.  It is presented by a family much like your own — a family who was deeply challenged by cancer treatment and who wanted the holidays to be as normal as possible.  Two themes run through this message:  1) planning and sharing plans can be a source of stability; 2) sometimes you just need to make it through the holiday season.

Feasts are an important part of the holiday celebration.  The emphasis on food may prove to be a challenge to the family of a child undergoing cancer treatment.  Here are five ideas for making the holiday meals work during cancer treatment:

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In Vitro Sperm in the Pipeline

Please find attached a link to a short, albeit important article that appeared this week in the Chicago Tribune.  For some time, researchers have been able to extract and preserve sperm from post-pubertal boys, even those who have just reach puberty.  However, the use of undeveloped cells from pre-pubertal boys has been far more of a conundrum.  Even though the harvesting of these cells is being completed at several hospitals in the United States, no pathway to using the cells has been determined.  From this article, I gather that the pathway may be a work in progress, finally blessed with a patent that will allow its inventors to make it worth their while to extend the research.

Clearly, the term “Pediatric Oncofertility,” does not appear in this article.  However, this finding holds hope for pre-pubertal cancer patients who need so desperately to be included in fertility preservation research.

Be assured that PORF will be investigating the work being done in the French lab in cooperation with the French government.  If we discover more information, we will share it with you in a timely fashion.–france-test-tube-sperm-20150917-story.html