FOX 32 Feature on Ovarian Tissue Preservation — Monday, May 22 at 9:00 Central

A major breakthrough in fertility preservation will be the topic of a report by Sylvia Perez Monday night at 9:00.  Ms. Perez will highlight recent advancements in Oncofertility, resulting from the groundbreaking research laboratory of Teresa Woodruff, Ph.D., of Northwestern University.

After the report, PORF will post an analysis of the report and describe the impact of this research for pediatric cancer survivors.


In Vitro Sperm in the Pipeline

Please find attached a link to a short, albeit important article that appeared this week in the Chicago Tribune.  For some time, researchers have been able to extract and preserve sperm from post-pubertal boys, even those who have just reach puberty.  However, the use of undeveloped cells from pre-pubertal boys has been far more of a conundrum.  Even though the harvesting of these cells is being completed at several hospitals in the United States, no pathway to using the cells has been determined.  From this article, I gather that the pathway may be a work in progress, finally blessed with a patent that will allow its inventors to make it worth their while to extend the research.

Clearly, the term “Pediatric Oncofertility,” does not appear in this article.  However, this finding holds hope for pre-pubertal cancer patients who need so desperately to be included in fertility preservation research.

Be assured that PORF will be investigating the work being done in the French lab in cooperation with the French government.  If we discover more information, we will share it with you in a timely fashion.–france-test-tube-sperm-20150917-story.html